I do not hide your goodness in my heart;
    I speak about your loyalty and salvation.

I do not hide your love and truth
    from the people in the great meeting.
Psalm 40:10 (NCV)

Hide is a common word.
Abide is an uncommon one.

They sound similar.
They are opposites

To hide is to disconnect. 
To abide is to connect.

To hide is to lose hope and strength.
To abide is to receive hope and power.

I can hide from God
Or I can abide with him.

Hiding leads to confusion, loneliness, pain.
Abiding brings clarity, joy, peace, comfort.

It’s safe to come out from my hiding places— 
Fear, guilt, and shame, because
Jesus loves me.
He died for me. 

He calls me to abide, to stay with him,
Stay in LOVE; accept it.
Swim and splash in it.
Share it with others.

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