I married my husband in 1967. We’ve remained togeether for nearly fifty-six years. John never forced me to live with him. I chose to do so. Before we got married, he told me he loved me. If that was the one and only time, he said, “I love you,” would I have stayed with him […]

Appreciate the Beauty in Everyone

Walk with the Spirit. Don’t fulfill Desires of the flesh that make you ill, Damage your body and your soul. Make knowing Christ your one goal. Knowing him means “being with.” It’s a relationship, not myth— So much more than knowing about Information can’t remove doubt. Like Thomas, we must feel and touch Or faith […]

Becoming Slow to Anger

I stood in front of my closet with fists closed and jaws clenched. “OOOOH! GRRRR!” I said. In a moment my husband appeared. Looking puzzled. “What’s the matter?” he asked in a soft voice. “Nothing! I’m just angry.”“Can I help? Do you want to talk?” “No. I’m learning to become slow to anger.” I knew […]

“Grief is not neat and orderly”

“Let me show you something,” my husband said, pointing to a message on his cell phone. What I read went something like this– “I don’t know if you’ve heard, pastor, that my wife_______is close to death.” I put down the phone. Tears formed in my eyes. I sighed and started walking, wiping away the tears. […]

A Morning Prayer

It’s been five months since I’ve posted anything on this site. I am returning today with this short poem of encouragement. A Morning Prayer Thank you, Father, for your goodness. Thank you, Jesus, for your grace. Thank you, Spirit, for your presence. You are here in this place. I wake with this knowledge. It brings […]

Praise Breaks the Power of the Curse

Earlier this week, I woke up remembering the words of Psalm 50, verse 23. I received them as God’s instruction for the day. Clear and simple. Give thanks and sing songs of praise. Later in the day when feeling discouraged and tired, I remembered this instruction. I began singing. I began walking. The Spirit gave […]

How Gratitude Reduces Depression

In last week’s post, I shared something about my struggles with depression. I wish I could say that every time I became depressed, I recovered totally and instantly. With no effort on my part. It’s simply untrue. Sometimes, I hang out with ‘Friend’ depression for quite a while before I can shake her off. Expressing […]

Depression: A Diagnosis, Not An Indictment

“I think you are depressed,” my doctor said. “You need to see a counselor.” “NO!” I wanted to scream. My body stiffened. I felt indignant but managed to keep my cool. A month later, when I saw her about another problem, she again asked me to consider seeing a counselor. I agreed to let her […]

Who and Who Not to Fear

Oh, how easy it is for me to become overconcerned about the opinion of others. To fear human power rather than trust in the security of God’s love for me. Especially if I sense shame or physical danger. As I watch the war in Ukraine progress and see the courage of people there, particularly President […]

Everything Here is Passing Away

A few years ago, I went back to the farm where I lived as a teenager. The house was gone. The only thing that remained was this dilapidated barn. I cried. Recently, I located on a Google map the house where two of my grandparents lived. My grandmothers’ well-kept lawn was nothing but mud. Broken […]