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Songs of Joy in the Valley of Tears is a book for meditation and reflection on grieving experiences. It includes topics we commonly talk about as well as topics we tend to avoid.

Consisting of 84 poems with associated Scriptures, it’s designed to help those of us who mourn enter into Jesus’s presence and find the comfort he promised when he lived among us. (Matthew 5:4)

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  • What Will We Choose on Thanksgiving Day?
    We can choose to be sad or choose to be glad. By expressing thanks for the blessings we’ve had, Our joy will increase and we’ll conquer disease; Infections weaken when we have inner peace. Even in solitude, we can pursue gratitude, It’s a healthy, life-giving attitude. If we are still breathing, that’s the place to … Continue reading
  • Why do I hide when I could abide?
    Hide is a common word. Abide is an uncommon one. They sound similar. They are opposites To hide is to disconnect. To abide is to connect. To hide is to lose hope and strength. To abide is to receive hope and power. I can hide from God Or I can abide with him. Hiding leads … Continue reading
  • Prayer
    What a marvelous gift! Unexplainble mystery. God speaks to me. I speak to him. I hear him. He hears me. Honesty. Oh what honesty I must have when I come to him. He sees me as I am. In ways I cannot comprehend, He is able to access my deepest heart. I used to be … Continue reading