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Songs of Joy in the Valley of Tears is a book for meditation and reflection on grieving experiences. It includes topics we commonly talk about as well as topics we tend to avoid.

Consisting of 84 poems with associated Scriptures, it’s designed to help those of us who mourn enter into Jesus’s presence and find the comfort he promised when he lived among us. (Matthew 5:4)

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  • Memorial Day Tears and Smiles
    I have not seen my sister’s grave, Though via Zoom I saw the place   My heart still weeps in unbelief A twin cannot be replaced.   I want to sing with her again Enter into heaven’s space   I know I will in future time God’s promise cannot be erased   That hope causes … Continue reading
  • Capture thoughts that make you anxious
    What do you focus on when you feel anxious? Your pounding heart? Your tight throat? Your racing thoughts? I’ve done that and anxiety escalates. Several times, I’ve ended up in the ER. Gradually, I’ve learned anxiety doesn’t need to control my life. I can control it. The following story is an example. For many years, … Continue reading
  • True Freedom
    Have you ever accomplished something good and felt embarrassed about it, even though others around you thought you did great and congratulated you? That’s what recently happened to me. My pastor, Jim Holt, invited me to talk with him about my book, Songs of Joy in the Valley of Tears. He planned on 30 minutes … Continue reading