What would happen in a world like this
If we stopped cursing and started to bless

Those who have hurt us, those we fear?
Who would do this? Who would dare?

What would happen if we took a stand
Against injustice in our land

By looking first at our own hearts?
Who could then throw judgment darts?

What would happen if we de-cluttered our homes,
Sang more songs and wrote more poems,

Listened far more and said far less?
What would we gain? What would we miss?

What would happen if we were less prepared
For our own emergency and we shared

Half of our stash with those who had none?
How would we feel when we were done?

What would happen if we took down fences,
Stopped looking through distorted lenses,

Saw every child as God’s creation?
What would happen in our world and nation?

What would happen if Christmas meant
A lifestyle change instead of an event?

Christmas Gift Suggestion

During Christmas season, at least for a day, many people set aside anger, temporarily let go of grudges, and forgive those who’ve hurt them.  Making this a lifestyle change is more challenging. 

It requires cooperation with God.  My hashtag “choosing grace” refers to the effective combination of interaction with God’s grace and personal responsibility which brings about lasting change. 

Chapter seven in Emotional Freedom (“A Dynamic Dance with the Gardener”) explains what it means to “Choose Grace.” 

When we are choosing, day-by-day, to live in a close relationship with Jesus—relying on his favor, depending on him to do for us what we cannot do for ourselves, and trusting him to meet our needs—God’s grace empowers us so that we can overcome our destructive and addictive desires and emotions. (p.51 Emotional Freedom)

This book would be a great gift for those who want to start the New Year by learning how to habitually

(1) choose self-control instead of destructive anger,

(2) move from resentment into joy and 

(3) extend mercy instead of clinging to unforgiveness. 

Buy here.




6 Responses

    1. Thank you for your comment, Gloria. I appreciate it. I feel grateful for the gift of poetry–God’s way of speaking to and through me.

  1. Thank you Jane, for the reminder to let God soak into our lives not only at this time but all year. “He IS all that I need. You reminded me, that by choosing Him, life will be purposeful and meaningful.
    Thank you.

    1. Thank you for your encouraging comment, Jill. Yes, choosing Jesus is my many-times-a-day need. His grace is awesome.

  2. Thank you for sharing this reminder, Jane. May we have this perspective all year long! But it can start now, during Advent, the anticipation of celebrating Christ coming to earth.

    I’ve found your book, Emotional Freedom, a great resource for practicing grace and living in JOY each and every day.

    1. Thank you for your comment, Rhonda. I’m so thankful that you’ve found my book helpful, and I appreciate this positive comment about it.

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