What makes America great?
 Is it the money we make or how we relate?
 How do we relate those at our gate?
 Who gets to come in and who has to wait? 
 Whom do we love and whom do we hate?
 Must we all agree or can we debate?
 What makes America great?
 Is it due to the way our government runs?
 Is it the size of our militia and high-powered guns?
 Can greatness be measured in stocks and bonds?
 Does it matter how we acquire and spend our funds?
 Do we see our skyscrapers but not our slums?
 What makes America great?
 Does everyone have a steak on their plate?
 How do we treat a prison inmate?
 Do we believe an addict can become straight?
 Whom do we favor and educate?
 Whom do we choose to isolate?
 What makes America great?
 Is it simply a matter of fate?
 Or is it due to the choices we make?
 Who should we congratulate?
 According to God, how do we rate?
 Are we humble enough to admit a mistake? 

 What makes America great?
 For what do we live? For whom would we die?
 What makes us laugh and what makes us cry?
 Is what we’re pursuing truth or a lie?
 Do we have the courage to not comply?
 By saying nothing, what do we imply?  

 What makes America great?
 Is it the flag we fly on this Fourth-of-July?
 Is it a celebration of days-gone-by?
 On victories past, can we rely?
 What do we see and what do we deny?
 What will have changed by next Fourth-of-July?
 Jane Ault 

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  1. Jane, a very thought provoking poem on this 4th of July. Thank you for using your gift to help us see how our actions (or inactions) line up with God’s heartbeat for His people. Blessings and God’s peace to you and the family!

    1. Thank you for your affirming comment, Laurell. God bless you and your family with peace, health, and joy as you celebrate, today.

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