When we planted tomatoes in our garden this spring, my husband placed one of them in a large pot and placed it on the deck that we can walk onto from our dining area. He said,”This will make it easy for you to pick a tomato; you can have one whenever you want it–without going into the garden.” Unfortunately, during most of the summer, I did not notice the plant on my deck, so much of the time I forgot to water it.

This iswilted tomato 2 what it looked like yesterday. Although I immediately watered this almost-dead tomato plant, I doubt that it will revive. Why did I neglect watering it for so long? Until yesterday, when my husband moved it to the opposite side of the deck, it was not in my line of vision. For weeks I sat at my dining room table, looked out at the deck but failed to see that tomato plant.

That which we place in our line of vision we pay attention to. David must have recognized the importance of this. He wrote,“I keep my eyes always on the Lord. With him at my right hand, I will not be shaken” (Psalm 16:8 NIV). In this beautiful psalm, he goes on to describe his assurance of life and joy for eternity, as well as the present day. 

I want to follow David’s example and keep Jesus in my line of vision. That was my desire when I wrote the following poem, which I call “My Kitchen Prayer.”

Lord, let my eyes see far beyond
My kitchen walls, my family nook;
I want to view that unseen world
Described within your holy book.

Lord, fill my mind with higher thoughts
Than how I look, than what I wear;
I want to know of your concerns—
For your eternal kingdom care.

Lord, fill my heart with greater things
Than dusty furniture and books,
Than unwashed dishes, dying plants,
Than fearing someone’s scornful looks.

Lord, make my house your dwelling place
Where joy is present at each meal,
Where all who enter sense your peace
And know, in truth, that you are real.

Whether or not my tomato plant revives is not very important to me.  Even in it’s dying state, that plant provided me with a good illustration–unless I keep Jesus in my line of vision throughout the day, my inner self wilts and dies.

What are you placing in your line of vision, today?

How is it affecting you inner life?

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  1. Jane, This is an excellent illustration. I can totally relate to this. I have often told Ken when he asks me why I need to have so many papers out on my kitchen counter, that “if I don’t see it , I’ll not tend to it! What is unseen is forgotten about!” the very same example as your tomato plant…and the result is the same:If I don’t see Jesus in my daily life…if I fail to walk with Him and respond to Him each day, it becomes easier to neglect my relationship with Him, and I forget who He is to me. But when I keep my Bible or other reflective devotional open on my counter or by my chair where I sit to do my devotions, I am reminded to spend time with Him so I do not miss what He has to say to me that day! <3

    1. Thank you for your comment, Corinne. I like the idea of keeping your Bible or reflective devotional on your counter for the day.

  2. Your poem about the view from the kitchen window puts in words so well my feelings and prayers recently.
    I like the preview of your new book too.

    1. Thank you for your comments, Ruth. I feel humbled when the Lord gives me something to share, and I’m continually challenged by the words I write.

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