“I’m not creative like you are; I could never write a poem.” 

When someone says something like that to me, I feel very sad. Not because I expect everyone to love writing poetry or to have the ability to do so, but because of what that statement implies.

At the very least, it implies these two things: 1) creativity is a genetic trait, which a few people inherit and most do not. 2) In order for me to be creative, I must be like some “recognized” creative personality and mimic what that person does. God makes no clones.

These are self-damaging and God-dishonoring lies. They keep us from developing the creative gift that each one of us has been given. And they keep us from connecting with the supportive people we need in our lives in order to receive affirmation, instruction, and not become discouraged. 

I’m immensely grateful for the teachers, counselors, mentors, and friends that God has given me over the years. Without them, I would never have written much. Without them, I would not have had the courage to publish anything. Without them, I would have thrown out valuable manuscripts. 

Without their help, I would not have recognized my own creative gift or even believed that I had one.  I hope that this year you will believe that you are a creative person and that you will develop your creativity for your own enjoyment, for the blessing of others, and for the glory of God. 

As usual, I can best say these things through the words of a poem. The word “poem” is a metaphor for who you are–a magnificent creation of God.

God took a simple speck of dust
And with his breath, fashioned us.
With joy, he viewed his finished task—
created beauty, pure, unmasked.

Though we’ve fallen from that place
God forms anew, with saving grace.
In hope, our wounded spirits rise
as he with faith anoints our eyes.

Oh, hallelujah, praise the Lamb
God’s happy poem of love, I am.
He gives us each a special name.
We are alike, yet not the same.

Each one of us is one of His.
May we know unhindered bliss,
God’s fellowship throughout our days,
His holiness, in all our ways.

He stamped his image on YOUR soul.
May you reach his chosen goal
that when before His throne you stand
with joy, you’ll touch His pierced hand.

And hear him say, “My child, well done!”
“You look exactly like my Son.”
“I like your work, your finished “poem”.
“Come in my child, welcome home.”

Questions for your reflection:
1) What is your creative gift?
2) In what way(s)have you developed it?
3) What is God calling you create this year?
4) Who are the people that you will look to for affirmation, support, and accountability?

6 Responses

  1. Jane, you point out that we are each a being of raw material waiting to be developed. Each of us has incredible potential just waiting to be found out and used. If we just God a chance, He will guide us where He wants us and to do what He designed us to do.

    1. Thank you for your insightful comment, Debbie. I love the way through your writing and photos that you are developing the creative gifts God has given you.

  2. Beautifully said, Jane. Everyone is creative in his or her way if we can just take the time to find our passion. There are so many ways to use creativity, not just writing or drawing, or any of the fine arts, but you can use your mind to be creative in relationships and teaching and other areas of life as well. Thanks for an encouraging post!

    1. I’m glad you were encouraged by this post, Sandy. Thanks for pointing out the importance of our mind in being creative in relationships and teaching. Very valuable contributions can be made in these areas.

  3. Such an encouraging post, Jane. It took me years (with the help of family, friends, mentors, etc.) to see myself as creative.
    I’m so glad you are addressing the lies we too often tell ourselves with the truth.

    1. I’m glad that you found my post encouraging, Terry, and thrilled that you now recognize and are developing your creativity. I love your stories about the ordinary husband and wife. They clearly illustrate the beauty and simplicity of lives submitted to God.

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