Today’s post is written by my friend, Stephanie Miller, who is a Life Coach and a writer. She is a compassionate and caring person–transparent and genuine, eager and able to lead others toward personal and spiritual maturity.


There is just something about ice cream that seems to make everything better. Many of my most cherished memories center around ice cream.

 ice cream after a swim meet with my teammates…

 ice cream on the way to visit my great grandparents…

 ice cream on a hot day or ice cream with birthday cake at birthday parties…

 What are your favorite childhood memories about ice cream?

What is your favorite flavor?

Not only do we have memories about eating ice cream, many of us have our favorite ice cream flavor and, when given the choice, choose that flavor more than any other. What if I told you that not only can we see if you are a chocolate fan or rocky-road nut, but, according to Dr. Hirsch, by knowing your favorite ice cream flavor, we can also peak into part of your personality.

Vanilla lovers tend to be impulsive, idealistic, and risk takers. They tend to rely more on intuition than logic.

Strawberry fans show themselves to be more introverted, devoted, and thoughtful.

Chocoholics have a flirty side and are known to be charming, lively, and seductive.

Mint Chocolate Chip lovers may be more argumentative, but they also tend to be highly ambitious, and confident.

Rainbow Sherbet fans enjoy the irony of liking fun colored ice cream, but can be slightly pessimistic. They also are analytical thinkers and more decisive from their algorithm approach.

Rocky Road nuts can be more aggressive, but are more engaging and great listeners.

Coffee lovers are dramatic and prefer to “live in the moment” rather than focus on the future.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough fans are generous, competent, and can be real “go- getters”. (not to be confused with stubborn)

Butter Pecan lovers tend to be conscientious, devoted, and respectful. The hold high esteem to right vs. wrong and are often afraid of hurting others feelings.


Which is your favorite flavor now? Let me ask you this, after reading what your favorite flavor says abut you, do you want to switch your go-to scoop?

 Would like to be considered more flirty and less argumentative? Switch your standby from mint chocolate chip to chocolate?

Can we choose to be more flirty instead of argumentative? Can we choose our emotional responses like we choose our ice cream?

Yes, we can!

In her book, Emotional Freedom: The Choices We Must Make, Jane discusses this very thing. The anger we express, the bitterness we allow to fester inside of us, are all from the choices we make to handle (or not handle) our emotions. We choose healthier emotional responses by choosing grace–His unconditional grace–instead of indulging in our fiery emotions. We are given grace and we must accept grace.

God empowers us to choose the healthier ways to express our emotions. Whether you tend to over express your emotions or hold everything in, learning healthy emotional expression is the key to a stronger and deeper walk with God.

I invite you to join my 14 week study, digging more into this book, and above that, cultivating community with other women who know what you’re going through. If you are interested in learning more and joining the Emotional Freedom Growth Group, please click HERE.

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