"Though he was God,
     he did not think of equality with God
     as something to cling to.
  Instead, he gave up his divine privileges."
 --Philippians 2:6-7 (NLT)
 What Did Christmas Mean for Jesus?
 No words of mine are adequate
 To describe what it must have meant
 For the God of this universe
 To make it safe for us to converse
 With him, face-to-face, without a mask;
 Before his purity, we’d not last.
 We’d disintegrate, fall apart.
 (Arrogance would not be smart).
 He saw our sad condition
 And descended from heaven
 Into a human’s body;
 Depended on that mommy
 To nourish and to feed him;
 Let a human dad train him,
  Teach him the sharpness of a nail.
 (With a nail he’d be impaled).
 His hands developed calluses.
 His feet walked on roads of dust.
 He always listened to the Spirit;
 Never bragged about his merit;
 Distributed kindness everywhere,
 Taught us about submission and prayer;
 Got angry at injustices,
 Was honest in all his practices;
 Taught us what it means to live
 In harmony, and truly give
 God the honor he’s worthy of—
 Become united in perfect love.
 For doing this, he was mocked and killed.
 It was for us, his blood was spilled;
 It was for us, he conquered evil.
 It is for all, he’s prepared a table—
 A table of festivity
 That far exceeds what we now see.
 What joy awaits us if we choose
 To give up, now, what we will lose;
 And grasp, by faith, the final prize
 That Jesus sets before our eyes.
 Only then, will we recognize
 What Christmas meant for Jesus Christ.
 Jane Ault

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