The Place of Rest

I wrote the following poem quite a few years ago. I need to read it often, because it’s so easy for me to fall back into my workaholic mode of operation.

The Place of Rest

When my work becomes so serious
I lose sight of who I serve;
My flesh becomes so weary
I’ve no strength to do my job.


God’s gentle yoke feels heavy
When I carry it alone;
I’m consumed with fear and worry;
My confidence is gone.


But when I spend my day with Jesus,
When I focus on His face,
His yoke is not a burden;
He gives abundant Grace.


My heart is filled with joy,
And I do not fear defeat.
I know my God will triumph,
And I worship at His feet.


It’s only in the presence
Of my Lord that I can find
Strength and peace, love and mercy,
Wisdom—truth of any kind.


It’s only in His presence
That my heart can find true rest;
It’s only when I stay there
That I truly find success.


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