I haven’t thrown away my hand mirror. It’s beautiful antique given to me by a friend, but I’m spending less time looking at my face than I used to do. At first, it was because I did not want to see the wrinkles there.  I’m not uptight about them, anymore.  I’ve accepted them as a normal part of aging. Hopefully, smile wrinkles outnumber worry lines.

More importantly, I finally understand the truth that “skin-beauty” is not nearly as important as what I call “heart-beauty”.  God sees beyond the condition of my face to the condition of my heart. I’ve learned that an unhappy, angry, or worried heart cannot be hidden behind beautiful skin. Whether I like it or not, the expression on my face reflects the condition of my heart.

God’s mirror of truth is Scripture. I love Scripture. When I look in this mirror the Holy Spirit shows me exactly what I am like. He shows me the wrinkles and blemishes in my heart—things such as worry-lines, anger-pimples, and ugly-acne–caused by my reaction to hurt. Sometimes it’s painful to see the truth about myself; I feel ashamed and want to hide.

I don’t hide because the mirror of Truth is held in the hand of a Loving Savior. Jesus does not condemn me. He simply wants to give me the kind of loving, generous, and good heart that he has. When I receive his words of truth, he heals the hurts in my heart and cleanses it from all ugliness.

Why do I spend more time in front of God’s mirror than I do my bathroom mirror? It’s so much more rewarding!

Suggested Activity

Reflect on the following Scripture and poem. Invite the Holy Spirit to speak to you. Then, write out your thoughts in the form of a prayer. Share it with a friend, if you want to do so.

Who can discern his errors? Forgive my hidden faults. (Psalm 19:12)
Search me, O God, and know my heart. (Psalm 139:23a)

Just as I am
I come to you, Lord.

I don’t understand the confusion within.
(Of what am I guilty? How have I sinned?)

Search my heart
Not, in a condemning
Introspective way, as I have done.

I’ve taken too many painful trips into the past,
Discovering only despair;

With the power and sweetness of your Grace,
Correct my distorted vision.

Cut my attachment to falsehood.
Bond my soul with truth.

1/23/2018 Jane Ault

8 Responses

  1. Jane you are a blessing. This reminds me of the old prayer of examen. Where one asks when did you feel closest to God today; when did you feel most distant. Then praise and petition the Master.

    1. Thank you, Rich! I feel encouraged and grateful that you were blessed by my words. And I am blessed by yours. That old prayer of examen is a good one. The truth of it is shown by Jesus’ story about the repentant tax collector and the proud Pharisee (Luke 18)

  2. After I turned 60, I spent a lot of time in therapy grieving the loss of my “young” face. After coming to terms, I realized that my outer beauty had turned into inner wisdom and acceptance- my great surprise gift from Jesus.

    1. What a wonderful gift, Judith! Inner wisdom and acceptance are priceless treasures. I think Jesus gave you a wonderful sense of humor, also. I enjoy and appreciate who you have become.

  3. Dear Jane, I love that you allow the Lord to use you and write to encourage us in the Lord!! I am glad that He gave you the gift of encouragement and you are using it regularly!! When we lived in the same area and you counseled me, I always felt respected and loved by you and not condemned no matter what I shared. I am so thankful that God made you and that I can call you my friend!! Much love to you, Sherry

    1. Sherry, you are such a dear soul. Thank you for your comment. Your eagerness to grow and willingness to face difficult things always encouraged me. I love you and want you to know that your faith and your honest heart greatly encourage me.

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