Sometimes, I must stop
Or I won’t win the race;

When I’m exhausted
I must give myself grace—

Move away from my work,
Sit down in my chair,

Look up at the sky,
And breathe some fresh air.

I can not continually work!
God doesn’t call me to that.

There were times in his life
When Jesus just sat.

He slept in a boat.
He sat down by a well.

He knew how to work,
And he knew how to be still.

He was flesh and blood,
Not concrete and steel.

He had muscles that ached
And nerves that could feel;

When he was tired,
He did not resist rest.

I’ve been resisting
The thing that I need—

Today, I’m changing;
This I decree:

I’ve published my blog
for ninety-seven weeks;

And now for a month,
I am taking a break!

But not forever;
I’ll be back in September–

On the very first Friday,
I hope you remember.

15 Responses

  1. Glad you are going to relax and rest because that is when creativity blooms. I’ll miss your posts and I, too, need to just taked a break from fb, im sure i will be fine if i miss something

    1. Thanks for your support and encouragement, Dayna. I hope that you will take the break that you need, too.

  2. Jane, this is the most upbeat, freeing verse! I love how you set an example as you give yourself grace to rest! You are a wonderful mentor! May God give you renewed energy, connection and peace as you spend this month away.

    1. Thanks for your letting me know this, Meghan. May God give you refreshment in all the ways that you need it during your break.

  3. Jane: I really like this. It is reminiscent of Ecclesiastes “To every thing there is a season and a time to every purpose under heaven.” I’m so happy you will have a vacation to get recharged. I look forward to you next blog post – in September.
    May God bless you greatly with His lovingkindness with a wonderful, restful time with family.

    1. I am so thankful for your gentle, affirming, and grace-filled accountability which gave me the courage to take this step.

  4. Rest! Dear sister….. I’m going to stop too in a couple of weeks as well…..go to Lake Pleasant (Speculator NY) & enjoy family together…..our customary tradition.
    I’ll watch for you in September! You are a gift!

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