Sometimes, I Must Stop . . .


Sometimes, I must stop
Or I won’t win the race;

When I’m exhausted
I must give myself grace—

Move away from my work,
Sit down in my chair,

Look up at the sky,
And breathe some fresh air.

I can not continually work!
God doesn’t call me to that.

There were times in his life
When Jesus just sat.

He slept in a boat.
He sat down by a well.

He knew how to work,
And he knew how to be still.

He was flesh and blood,
Not concrete and steel.

He had muscles that ached
And nerves that could feel;

When he was tired,
He did not resist rest.

I’ve been resisting
The thing that I need—

Today, I’m changing;
This I decree:

I’ve published my blog
for ninety-seven weeks;

And now for a month,
I am taking a break!

But not forever;
I’ll be back in September–

On the very first Friday,
I hope you remember.

15 thoughts on “Sometimes, I Must Stop . . .

  1. Glad you are going to relax and rest because that is when creativity blooms. I’ll miss your posts and I, too, need to just taked a break from fb, im sure i will be fine if i miss something

    • Thanks for your support and encouragement, Dayna. I hope that you will take the break that you need, too.

  2. Jane, this is the most upbeat, freeing verse! I love how you set an example as you give yourself grace to rest! You are a wonderful mentor! May God give you renewed energy, connection and peace as you spend this month away.

    • Thanks for your letting me know this, Meghan. May God give you refreshment in all the ways that you need it during your break.

  3. Jane: I really like this. It is reminiscent of Ecclesiastes “To every thing there is a season and a time to every purpose under heaven.” I’m so happy you will have a vacation to get recharged. I look forward to you next blog post – in September.
    May God bless you greatly with His lovingkindness with a wonderful, restful time with family.

    • I am so thankful for your gentle, affirming, and grace-filled accountability which gave me the courage to take this step.

  4. Rest! Dear sister….. I’m going to stop too in a couple of weeks as well…..go to Lake Pleasant (Speculator NY) & enjoy family together…..our customary tradition.
    I’ll watch for you in September! You are a gift!

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