Loved from Eternity


It has taken decades for me to internalize the depth of God’s love . . . I’m sure that I still haven’t fully comprehended it. Frequently, in a fresh, new way, God reveals his love to my heart. And I respond with a fresh, new poem.  You may not be a poet, but God wants you to understand the depth of his love. 

If you can identify with the words of the following poem, I invite you to make them your own.

Loved from Eternity

I was worn out with fear and doubt,
But I could not figure out
How to escape the thing in me
That kept my mind in slavery.

It was not a chain put upon
Me—by someone else, just my song;
It was my own song of unbelief
That kept me in a state of grief.

Then one day, Jesus came!
He set me free, broke my chain!
This is the truth he spoke to me:
“I’ve loved you from eternity.”

Now at last I understand
I was wanted! I was planned!
Jesus healed me, made me whole.
I have a purpose and a goal.

Free from fear, guilt, and shame,
I serve my Lord and for him, claim—
Through prayer, the things he speaks to me;
Things which only faith can see;

Not toys of silver or of gold,
Which tarnish and collect green mold,
But gifts incorruptible,
Rewards indestructible.

I was worn out with fear and doubt;
Jesus knew what it was about.
This is the truth he spoke to me:
“I’ve loved you from eternity.”

10/8/2017 Jane Ault

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