God is good to one and all;
    everything he does is soaked through with grace.

Psalm 145:9 (MSG)


Thank you, Father, for your grace,
Shown to me in countless ways—

Favor, truly undeserved,
Full acceptance, unreserved;

Forgiveness, free and complete,
Though, my errors, I still repeat;

Your help in every trouble,
Your mercy when I stumble.

With a heart of gratitude,
I worship you. You are good—

God of Truth and God of Love,
God, who came down from above;

And, in Jesus, bared your heart,
From you, Lord, I won’t depart.

When I’m tempted here below,
Spirit, help me keep this vow

Faithfully, until the end,
Until the day, I ascend;

That when I see you face to face
There’ll be no shame to erase.

God, sustain me by your grace;
Make me good in all my ways.

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