Freedom to Pursue Your God-inspired Vision

The wise see danger ahead and avoid it,
    but fools keep going and get into trouble.
Proverbs 27:12 (NCV)

“Oh, why do I want to do everything!”

These are the words I spoke to my husband after a discussion about my commitments for the coming week, month, and year. I resist boundaries. Like the sheep who breaks through the fence and leaves the safety of the pasture, I often wander into dangerous territory.

I like to think I have no limits. I am several decades younger. That my body is as strong as it was then I was 30. That I have as much time left on this earth as I had when I was 50. I imagine this wandering from reality as freedom. It’s the opposite.

Instead of giving me freedom, this thoughtless-wandering takes away my freedom. How so? By following every stray desire that comes into my mind, I lose the ability to focus. I don’t do what I must do today in order to walk out the vision God’s given to me.

God’s vision for us fits the reality of who we are, as humans, in every stage of life from birth to death.

At the same time, his vision for us stretches beyond what we can do by ourselves. As we submit to the boundaries he sets for us, God does amazing things in and through us. He does “much, much more than anything we can ask or imagine” (Ephesians 3: 20 NCV).

Jesus showed us how to do this. He accepted the limitations of a human body and the limitations of time. He had only one vision: to do what Father-God called him to do and that he accomplished.

How did he do so?

  • By accepting the limitations of humanity
  • By living according to the boundaries of Scripture
  • By depending on the Holy Spirit,
  • By resisting every distracting desire and ego-driven imaginative wandering.

Jesus us our example, as well as our Savior. He does not leave us on our own. As we study and meditate on Scripture, his Spirit shows us what boundaries we need, and gives us the power and freedom we need to carry out our God-inspired vision.

 In the early morning, 
 When I first awake
 I converse with Jesus 
 about which path to take.
 Sometimes, I’m feeling tired; 
 The path looks very steep.
 I’m tempted to turn back; 
 I began to fear defeat.
 He cares about my body; 
 He cares about my soul.
 He says, “I’ll walk beside you;
 I will help you reach your goal.
 “I know that you are weary; 
 I remember your age.
 “Your load won’t be too heavy,
 if with me you engage.”
 I respond, “Oh Lord, I know this; 
 You’ve proved it many times.
 I will face this mountain; 
 I’ll take your arm and climb.”
 I look into my Savior’s eyes;
 I see that he is good and wise.
 A song of praise begins to rise; 
 I know that we will win the prize.
 Jane Ault

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