He [God] will not break the bruised reed, nor quench the dimly burning flame. He will encourage the fainthearted, those tempted to despair. He will see full justice given to all who have been wronged. (Isaiah 42:3 NLT)

Is “devastation” not an appropriate word to describe the condition of this country and the world? Often, I weep. My heart pounds. I can’t sleep. I feel outraged. I don’t want to express this with hurtful and destructive words. Neither do I want to hide in fear.

What do I do? I pray. I spend time in silence. With Jesus. I sit on my deck or go for a walk and view the clouds, trees, water, sunset. I listen to singing birds and quacking geese.

After a while I have peace. The Spirit stirs up a new melody in my heart. I write a song or poem. The following is an example. May your heart be encouraged as you read it.

Troubled heart, remember Jesus
He is good. He is kind
To the fallen, he shows mercy
He’s the healer of your mind
In the midst of deep anxiety
When you’re tossing in the night
Ask the Spirit for discernment
Receive his comfort and insight

He says, "My child, I love you
"Come closer to me
"You were a captive to Evil
"I died to set you free."
Fearful heart, call on Jesus
No one’s higher than he
In his strong arm, he will hold you
When in the smoke you cannot see
In the night of terror and darkness
When all normal help is gone
What you knew is nonexistent
Listen to your Savior’s song

He says, "My child, I love you
"Come closer to me
"You were a captive to Evil
"I died to set you free."
Anxious heart, cling to Jesus
Treasures of this world are dung
Unless you’re willing to release them
You won’t win the victor’s crown
In a time when many shout
“Arm yourself!” or “Retreat!”
Stand for justice, love, and mercy
Stay with Jesus on the street

He says, "My child, I love you
"Come closer to me
"You were a captive to Evil
"I died to set you free."
Jane Ault

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  1. Jane:
    I echo your sentiments. Sometimes I just want to scream at the injustice and the statements that bear no semblance of reality that come from such intelligent people. Ruth Bader Ginsberg just passed and after listening to reports about her, I realize that she found ways to make her point in a very civilized and compelling manner. I pray for wisdom to do the same. I do not have her intelligence and certainly not her legal expertise but with God’s help I hope to say what He wants me to say when He wants me to speak it. In the meantime, I really love your ideas of focusing on nature and and I really enjoy your loving poetry. It is so refreshing and inspiring. Thank you for writing and sending your wonderful posts.
    May God bless you and John greatly.


    1. Debbie:
      Thank you so much for your comment. I, too, am very impressed by Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s respectful manner of speaking, as well as her perseverance in overcoming huge difficulties in life. Deep listening heals spiritual and social fractures. Thanks for your encouraging words to me. Poetry is a gift. Each one of us is gifted in unique ways. The compassion of your heart comes through in the words you write. I hope you keep on.

  2. Hello, Jane,
    First time I’ve read your posts, but you come well recommended by someone I respect. Thank you for your healing thoughts on finding peace, whether Covid, or wildfires, or protests to draw attention to our presumptions, or lawless destruction; we desperately need Him.

    Were there no comments to your previous post about repentance by our President? I pray for our President, as I have for the previous one and the one before him, and the one before that… whether I was encouraged by the one in office or disgusted or some of each. But I have to wonder, after reading what is put out as news or blogs or talk shows or whatever, whether by unbelievers or Believers, if President Trump did or has repent/repented, who would receive it
    …. besides Jesus?
    As the Church, let alone society in general, we have a hard time allowing people to repent.

    Thank you for taking the time before the Lord which allows you to share thoughts that encourage.

    1. Hello Annetta,
      Thank you for reading my most recent blog post and sharing your thoughts about the previous one. I appreciate your words of encouragement and thoughtful questions.

      Yes, the amount of suffering and unrest in our society and the world is tremendous. We desperately need Jesus.

      No one commented on my previous post about our president, although I received quite a few comments when I posted it on my personal Facebook page. I, too, pray for him as I have for previous presidents. Would I receive his repentance if he does or has repented? I hope so. I am not expecting perfection, but I have deep concerns about his lack of integrity.

      I’m greatly troubled by the divisions we have in our society. We need deep healing. I pray for repentance for everyone, including myself.

      Thanks, again, for leaving your comment. You are most welcome to comment at any time.
      May the Lord bless you with peace.

  3. It never ceases to amaze me how your words echo what I feel and the message the Spirit gives me, too. Thank you for giving my heart words to express itself. This is truly a gift of the Spirit.

    1. Thank you, Lisa,
      Knowing that our hearts are connected with the same Spirit brings me deep joy! Your words are a beautiful gift.

  4. Dear Jane

    Thanks for your helpful & wise message.

    I appreciate your honest & courageous sharing, very much.


  5. Dear Jane, your message is what we need today, every day. Weeping and praying. Trusting that Jesus is with us. Thanks so much for faithfully and honestly reflecting on the way God is leading you in the midst of devastation.

  6. Dear Jane,
    What a precious reassuring devotional this morning. Thankyou for your inspiring words.
    I’m in Day # 7 of my 14-day quarantine coming back from Speculator family camp.
    I’m not sick & I’m Covid negative. Enjoying silence with Jesus. Grateful for Christian support here in Saranac Lake.

    Remembering 9-11 today.

    Bless you Jane.

    1. Dear Judith,
      Thanks for your encouragement.
      I’m so glad you are not sick and are COVID negative! May Jesus refresh you, as you spend time with him.

      I am remembering 9-11, also. Let us pray for the many who suffered losses on that day, as well as the many who are suffering today.

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