Jesus said, “Two sparrows cost only a penny, but not even one of them can die without your Father’s knowing it. . . Don’t be afraid. You are worth much more than many sparrows”

(Matthew 10: 29 and 31 NCV).

I’m thankful for the office space I have in my home. On some days, I don’t take time to get dressed before I start writing. Neither do I bother combing my hair. Before I forget them, I want to quickly put down the words that are in my mind. Words of a song or poem which the Holy Spirit has encouraged me with even before I got out of bed!

This morning I did get dressed and while doing so thought about the phrase “put your best foot forward.” In other words “look good.” I’m so thankful that we don’t have to look good when we come before God. What he wants is not our “best” foot but our “bare” foot.

When we come before him like a lowly sparrow, admitting our nakedness, vulnerability, and need, he receives us in his loving arms and clothes us with his robe of mercy. Out the truth of that experience this morning, I composed the following poem/song.

 Come to Jesus with all your need
Hear him before the Father plead
A Righteous Advocate is he
Securing mercy full and free

With deep compassion Jesus prays
He lived for us for many days
Hungry and poor, tempted by Hell
Yet to a Lie, he never fell.
Come like a child with trusting heart
Who knows she is not very smart
Rest in your Father’s loving arm
He will protect you from all harm
From that sweet place of victory sing
Compose new anthems for your King
When hearing them, all devils flee
They cannot stand such joy and glee
Follow Jesus throughout the day
Learn to do things in his way
Feed the hungry and clothe the poor
Receive the stranger at your door
Be content with what you have
For fame and riches, do not grab
They will destroy your inner peace
Your love for Jesus soon will cease
Come to Jesus with all your need
Hear him before the Father plead
A Righteous Advocate is he
Securing mercy full and free

Jane Ault

14 Responses

    1. Good morning Donna! Thank you for reading my hymn and commenting. The Spirit is faithful in giving me songs.

  1. Good morning Jane,

    God is so good and I am grateful He gives you poems and you put them in print!! Thank you for being obedient and responsive to Him and that we get to enjoy the poems also!

    1. You are welcome Sherry! I delight in your heart of love for God, and I receive the encouragement you give me.

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