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  • Work Backward and Defeat Procrastination

    When I was a teenager, my grandfather laughingly said to me, “Why do today what you can put off until tomorrow?” “No, Grandpa, that’s not right!” I said.”You shouldn’t put things off!” At that time, I thought Grandpa’s advice sounded silly, and I wondered why he gave it to me. He may have seen that, […]

  • What Kind of a Game-player Are You?

    Along with my grandchildren, I love playing games.  They enjoy sports, such as baseball, soccer, and basketball, as well as board games. Not being good at sports, I prefer board games. This summer, we’ve been playing Uno, Dominoes, Chess, Rummikub, and Yahtzee. We can get pretty intense in our game-playing. Most of the time it’s been fun but […]

  • How I Benefited from a Sabbath Day

    One of the goals that I set for myself on January 1, 2015 was to submit the manuscript of my book, Emotional Freedom: The Choices We Must Make, to my publisher by January 31. I missed that deadline, changed it to February 28, then to March 31, then to June 30, and then stopped setting deadlines. I […]

  • Married and Becoming More Married

    At the breakfast table one morning this week, I said to my husband, “we got married forty-eight years ago, but we are more married, now.” He agreed. I’m guessing, however, that I need to explain the phrase “more married.” It probably doesn’t make sense. People are either married or not married, Right? No, not exactly. […]

  • Who is Writing Your Life Story?

    After enjoying a walk along the lakeshore in the coolness of the morning, I returned home to a special breakfast prepared by one of my daughters and her family. It included blueberry and maple flavored gluten free scones, an assortment of fresh fruit—grapes, blueberries, and pineapple, an omelet stuffed with red pepper and zucchini, and […]