But as for me, I will sing about your power.
    Each morning I will sing with joy about your unfailing love.
For you have been my refuge,
    a place of safety when I am in distress

Psalm 59:16 NLT
It's been five months since I've posted anything on this site. I am returning today with this short poem of encouragement.

A Morning Prayer

Thank you, Father, for your goodness.
Thank you, Jesus, for your grace.
Thank you, Spirit, for your presence.
You are here in this place.

I wake with this knowledge.
It brings joy to my heart.
I rise with fresh courage.
I know you won’t depart.

Jane Ault

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  1. Thanks for coming back Jane. I have missed your posts and poetry. I love the morning. The cats and I get up about 5:30 and as the sky lightens, we go out and take a deep breath of new day air and walk around the yard in the silence. It truly is a time to inhale God in all of His majesty.

    1. Thanks, Judith,
      I can picture you rejoicing in the new day at sunrise, as you walk around your yard in silent meditation.
      I always feel encouraged and inspired by your blog posts.

  2. Lovely words, Jane. I don’t know the reason for the lapse in your posts but I’m glad you are back to writing and off to a beautiful restart.

  3. Thank you, Jane, for these encouraging words!!
    I have been singing “The Goodness of God” this morning. He is faithful!
    Sending love and prayers for a great day!

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