Sometimes we become too focused on the “bad” that happened yesterday or  the “bad” that what might happen tomorrow. As a consequence, either anger and resentment (about the past) or  fear and anxiety (about the future) block our ability to be “present” in the present–in the moments of the day.

To be present requires our attention. When our attention is diverted or divided,we miss both the challenges and the joys of the day. All we can be certain about is today; yet, within today, we have many choices– many freedoms. 

My song clarifies some of these choices; it’s also a reminder of the comfort and help available to us in the moments of each day.


All I Have is Now



Verse One

All I have is now–this moment in time.
Yesterday is gone; tomorrow is not mine.
I can choose to care; I can choose to give.
Or I can choose to hide and in the shadows live.

Verse Two
All I have is now–the moments of today.
I could take a risk, or I could run away.
I could choose to change, or I could stay the same.
I could walk in faith, or with my fears remain.

Verse Three
All I have is now; in the moment I awake
I must choose with care the choice that I make.
I could choose to frown, or I could choose to smile.
I could choose to quit, or walk another mile.

Verse Four
All I have is now–this day may be my last.
I can accept today, or fret about the past.
I can choose regret–anxiety and fear;
Or I can sing a song of courage and of cheer.

Jesus, you are good. Jesus, you are here.
I know you will provide; I’ll trust your loving care.
No problem is too great; No need I have too small
With confidence in you I can face them all.

In the time I have right now
In the moments of today
I will choose to walk with you.
Yes, I will choose to walk with you.

Jane Ault 

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  1. Oh thanks for the song! So true! I think you should offer a reading of your posts for those that have trouble reading. Your messages are needed.

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