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My husband, John Ault, and I are very grateful for the prayers of family, friends, and church community over the past two weeks, in which he’s been experiencing sciatic pain and allergic reactions. He’s gradually improving, but please don’t stop the prayers. Truthfully, this experience has brought me “back to gratitude”

Back to Daily Gratitude

Jesus gives us what we lack;
We can never pay him back.

All he wants is gratitude;
Let’s cultivate that attitude.

If we faithfully practice
Gratitude, it will relax us.

We will not be mad and worried;
Furthermore, we won’t be hurried.

Hurry makes us unaware
Of what God’s given us to share.

We see only what we need
And, soon, move into greed–

Unthankful for our daily bread,
We feel mad instead of glad.

Ingratitude deceives us;
We forget that we are dust–

Increase self-expectations,
Then, expect congratulations.

But God never honors this
Nor will he forever bless

Us–with favor in our labor.
He will bless our grateful neighbor.

Again, Jesus gives us what we lack,
What we need to bring us back–

Back to daily gratitude.
Let’s cultivate that attitude.

10/12/17 Jane Ault

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