Anyone who knows me well, knows that I love flowers. Right now, as look out the window in my kitchen where I stand washing dishes, I can see bright yellow daffodils blooming.  As I drive toward the garage, brilliant purple hyacinths make me feel cheerful. Although, they have not yet opened, I can smell the fragrance of lilacs that line the edge of my driveway.




With joy I breath the morning air,
Deliciously gulping the
Fragrance of sweet clover,
Curiously poking my
Nose into yellow buttercups.

The flowers dance around my feet,
Excitedly calling my
Name, begging me to
Join them in their song, to
Celebrate Majesty.

With a smile, I join their ballet,
Laughingly skipping down the
Grassy path, capturing
In my heart, the picture
I will reproduce.



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    1. Yes, Debbie, what you said is true; it brings me great joy that just as God brings spring to the earth, he brings “spring” back into our hearts when we need it.

    1. Thanks, Judy. The explanation for my “exceptional” poem is Holy Spirit revelation of God’s beauty in Creation.

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