Last Saturday John and I purchased a Christmas tree, and Tuesday we received a box of  lemons from our friend in California. Our house is filled with the fragrances of pine and lemon! 

For several years Anne has sent us  tree-ripened lemons,; they’re  freshly picked from a magnificent tree that sprawls over the fence in her yard. 

The box arrived this week, thankfully before the temperatures descended into single digit degrees.  The lemons were cold but not frozen.

“Oh!  Oh, Yum!” I said, as I breathed in the fragrance of fresh lemons. In a few minutes, I began the following poem. 



Living where I do
Where winter ice and snow

Often cover trees
That have shed colored leaves

A box of Christmas lemons
Is like a gift from heaven.

Santa Claus surprise—
What delight to my eyes!

Lemons in neat rows—
What pleasure to my nose!

A box of Christmas lemons—
God bless my friend who sends them.

Thinking what I’ll make—
Some lemon bars and cake

And, of course, a pie—
Can’t pass my hubby by.

A box of Christmas lemons—
I have come to expect them.

What if that aged tree
Would, one day, cease to be

And that juicy crop
Of yellow lemons stopped?

That box of Christmas lemons—
I certainly would miss them.

You may also enjoy Reflections on Christmas Lemons , which I wrote last Christmas season. 


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  1. I could almost feel your delight as I read your poem about the lemons. What a beautiful reminder to take time and appreciate the many little things that bring us joy!

    1. Thank you for letting me know this, Laurell. I appreciate your sensitive spirit and grateful spirit. May God give you an even greater awareness of his daily little blessings.

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