My husband (John) and I have been involved in pastoral ministry  for 45 years. In this page, you will find a link to his website in which he describes his current focus–understanding addiction. 

For the last 12 years he’s studied addiction, as presented by the recovery movement, psychology, neurobiology, and Scripture. He’s carefully and prayerfully integrated this material and taught it weekly at the local hospital chemical dependency unit; more recently, he’s taught his material for a month each year at 3 correctional facilities. 

 John’s website–New Hope for Addiction-– is designed to help

  • Those struggling with addiction
  • Those who know and want to help family and friends caught up in addiction
  • Pastors, counselors, mentors, and teachers who want to better understand how to minister in a culture that’s experiencing addiction at an epidemic level

To visit the site click here