It Won’t Happen Here

“Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil,” was a common expression I heard while growing up. It referred to hearing, seeing, and speaking of the best in people. This is certainly commendable, but this phrase can also be used to avoid seeing, hearing, and speaking about that which is dangerous and destructive. In […]

Does God Love Me When I Doubt?

Coming to believe in the depth of our hearts that God loves us is easier for some people than for others. For many, it’s a life-long struggle. I’m one of those people. That’s because of lies I believed. Lies about God. Lies about myself. Lies about what faith is. Gradually, God has been showing me […]

Winds of Fear or Wings of Grace

I look at the thermometer. It reads 45°. To my husband I say, “A good day to go for a walk.” “There’s a cold wind.” he responds. You might want to step out the garage door and check it.” “Oh, I don’t think I’ll go. I’ll walk inside.” After a few minutes, I look out […]

Don’t Let Indecision Paralze you.

This morning I read the Old Testament story of Elijah confronting the indecisive people of his day. One word stunned me. Paralyzed. Someone who is paralyzed goes nowhere. Someone who refuses to make a decision goes nowhere. I never thought my indecisiveness was too serious. I never thought about how it keeps me stuck. What […]

Good came down at Christmas

A CHRISTMAS PRAYER Thank you, Father, for your grace, Shown to me in countless ways— Favor, truly undeserved, Full acceptance, unreserved; Forgiveness, free and complete, Though, my errors, I still repeat; Your help in every trouble, Your mercy when I stumble. With a heart of gratitude, I worship you. You are good— God of Truth […]

God is for us no-matter-what

God is for us no-matter-what When hard things put you on pause, View your blessings, not your loss. It may not be due to flaws; Listen and you’ll know the cause. God is for you no-matter-what. Don’t let your heart dwell on doubt; If you do, you’ll suffer drought. Rise each morning with a shout. […]

What Will We Choose on Thanksgiving Day?

We can choose to be sad or choose to be glad. By expressing thanks for the blessings we’ve had, Our joy will increase and we’ll conquer disease; Infections weaken when we have inner peace. Even in solitude, we can pursue gratitude, It’s a healthy, life-giving attitude. If we are still breathing, that’s the place to […]

Why do I hide when I could abide?

Hide is a common word. Abide is an uncommon one. They sound similar. They are opposites To hide is to disconnect. To abide is to connect. To hide is to lose hope and strength. To abide is to receive hope and power. I can hide from God Or I can abide with him. Hiding leads […]


What a marvelous gift! Unexplainble mystery. God speaks to me. I speak to him. I hear him. He hears me. Honesty. Oh what honesty I must have when I come to him. He sees me as I am. In ways I cannot comprehend, He is able to access my deepest heart. I used to be […]

Memorial Day Tears and Smiles

I have not seen my sister’s grave, Though via Zoom I saw the place   My heart still weeps in unbelief A twin cannot be replaced.   I want to sing with her again Enter into heaven’s space   I know I will in future time God’s promise cannot be erased   That hope causes […]