About Me



Thanks for stopping by, and welcome to my website.

My name is Jane Ault. “Plain Jane,” my father said. His teasing inspired me to prove he was wrong; I began a search to find answers to questions that many people wonder about. Perhaps you have these same questions–

Who am I?
What is my purpose in life?
How can I find joy?

It’s been a lifelong quest; at times, the path has been confusing and steep; yet the further I’ve traveled the more excited I’ve become. My desire is to live a balanced life, encompassing spiritual, emotional, mental, relational, and physical wholeness. 

Writing is a primary tool through which I’ve discovered answers to my questions–and continue to receive answers.

During college I began journal writing, and  I’ve continued that practice throughout my life. I record thoughts and feelings about everyday events, memories, questions that I have, problems I’m struggling with, notes from books that I’m  reading, and reflections on Scriptures.

I write all of these things down in the form of a prayer, asking God to give me understanding, knowledge, wisdom, and direction; then, I listen for his response and record it. I call this type of writing “prayer-journaling.”  It’s foundational to my day, and all of my other writing projects flow out of it.

Although I now spend much of my day writing , I did not recognize myself as a writer until I retired. When I went to college, I planned to become a physician. I took pre-med courses, graduated in secondary education, taught sciences in junior high school for three years,  and started medical school but dropped out after 1 1/2 years to marry my husband John, who was a seminary student.

Functioning in the role of a pastor’s wife, I found it difficult at times to retain a sense of my identity, but through writing I found a way to clearly address inner conflicts, deal with hurts and disappointments, and express my heart’s desire.

When my two daughters were teens, I went back to school and earned a M. Ed. in counseling and human development. After graduation, I worked for about fifteen years as a counselor in a church setting, developing materials, and leading support groups on topics such as  boundaries, listening skills, rational thinking, anger management, and  anxiety. Discovering that others benefited from my teaching and writing brought me joy and motivated me to grow as a writer.

I took a poetry course at a local college and joined a writer’s group.  In 2003, I wrote my first book– Heart Connections: Finding Joy through Openness with God. This interactive devotional workbook combines Scripture, poetry, photographs, drawings, and opportunities to journal. My devotionals have been published in The Secret Place magazine and in A Cup of Comfort Devotional for Women.

In both my life and my writing, I try to maintain a healthy balance–paying attention to spiritual, emotional, mental, relational, physical, and material issues and needs. Therefore, the topic of my blog post varies from week to week.

Photography is one of my lighter interests; I enjoy making photo cards and use lines from my poems in my cards. In my photo-book “What is it like to be a Twin?” I used photos of myself and my twin sister, along with photos of my twin grandchildren, to describe and share unique twin experiences.

Traveling is another joy. My husband and I have visited England, Ireland, Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, Mexico, and Canada. I enjoy learning about different cultures, tasting new foods, and attempting to speak new languages.

My life, along with this website, is still under construction, but I’m eager to share what I’ve learned and am learning. And I want to learn from you, so please join the conversation, leave a comment, and share your journey.