Does God Love Me When I Doubt?

Coming to believe in the depth of our hearts that God loves us is easier for some people than for others. For many, it’s a life-long struggle. I’m one of those people. That’s because of lies I believed. Lies about God. Lies about myself. Lies about what faith is. Gradually, God has been showing me […]

Winds of Fear or Wings of Grace

I look at the thermometer. It reads 45°. To my husband I say, “A good day to go for a walk.” “There’s a cold wind.” he responds. You might want to step out the garage door and check it.” “Oh, I don’t think I’ll go. I’ll walk inside.” After a few minutes, I look out […]

Don’t Let Indecision Paralze you.

This morning I read the Old Testament story of Elijah confronting the indecisive people of his day. One word stunned me. Paralyzed. Someone who is paralyzed goes nowhere. Someone who refuses to make a decision goes nowhere. I never thought my indecisiveness was too serious. I never thought about how it keeps me stuck. What […]