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An Isolation Melody

 “I will never leave you and I will never abandon you.” (Hebrews 13:5 NET)

One of their favorite games, when my children were small, was hide-and-seek. They loved to hide in places where they thought I could not find them. One such place was behind the living room drapery. When I saw the wiggling bulge in the drapery, I knew exactly where they were. I often pretended not to see it and looked elsewhere for a while.

My youngest daughter could not wait. She jumped out from behind the drapery and shouted, “Here I am, Mama!” Like my daughter, I sometimes, think Jesus can’t see me. I feel isolated and afraid.

How thankful I am for the songs his Spirit stirs in my heart, reminding me of his presence and his promises.

  An Isolation Melody

 Jesus, your word is my assurance
 I will trust you when I cannot see
 Where you are and what you’re doing—
 I feel like I’m in isolation
 It is very frightening to me
 I want to see your face
 I want to see your face
 I want to see your face 
 And feel your embrace
 Jesus, your word is my assurance
 I will trust you when I cannot see
 Where you are and what you’re doing—
 I feel the wind; a storm is brewing
 It is very frightening to me
 I want to see your face
 I want to see your face
 I want to see your face 
 And feel your embrace
 Jesus, your word is my assurance
 I will trust you for I know you can see
 Where I am and what I’m doing—
 I am not in isolation
 You are in this space with me
 If in this time and in this place,
 I do not see your face
 Or feel your embrace
 I’ll compose a song of praise
 Jesus, your word is my assurance
 I will trust you when I cannot see
 Where you are and what you’re doing—
 One day you will appear and say
 It’s time to leave; child, come with me
 Forever, I will see your face
 Forever, I will see your face
 Forever, I will see your face
 Forever, feel your embrace
 Jane Ault
 3/27/ 2020 

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God’s Faithfulness for Seven-plus Decades

“Five sparrows are sold for only two pennies, and God does not forget any of them.  
But God even knows how many hairs you have on your head.

Don’t be afraid. You are worth much more than many sparrows.”
(Luke 12: 6-7 NCV)

In this time of distress, when the coronavirus is spreading uncontrollably over the earth, I admit I’ve been struggling with fear. I’ve not wanted to get out of bed in the morning, read more disturbing news reports and hear more predictions of disaster. This morning I felt encouraged.

As I was waking up, I remembered the words to a worship song. I started humming it. Other songs kept surfacing from my subconscious brain. Songs I learned decades, ago. “Yes!” I said. I have over seventy years of songs stored in my memory. With each of these songs, there’s a story. A story of God’s faithfulness to me in difficult times. Can I not trust him in the uncertainty of today?

What will I do? Will I close my computer and stop communicating? No! I will not. As long as I have breath, I will keep talking about God’s goodness. I will share the insights from Scripture, songs, and poems that he gives me. I will share the stories and songs other followers of Jesus have written.

My grandmother loved Jesus. She was not a rich person, according to the standards of this world. Yet, she gave me something of tremendous value. A love of music and an example of faithfulness.

She played the piano and whistled like a bird. She taught me that even if I am no more significant than a sparrow God sees me and watches over me.

The following hymn is one I sang as a college student. In the succeeding years, I’ve experienced joy, sadness, success, failure, pain, loneliness, healing, and distress . . . all of this and more. In everything, God has remained with me. His ways are flawless. His love is indescribable. In this time of uncertainty, I am still praying “Teach me your ways.”

Teach me Thy way, O Lord, teach me Thy way!
Thy guiding grace afford, teach me Thy way!
Help me to walk aright, more by faith, less by sight;
Lead me with heav’nly light, teach me Thy way!

When I am sad at heart, teach me Thy way!
When earthly joys depart, teach me Thy way!
In hours of loneliness, in times of dire distress,
In failure or success, teach me Thy way!

When doubts and fears arise, teach me Thy way!
When storms o’erspread the skies, teach me Thy way!
Shine through the cloud and rain, through sorrow, toil, and pain;
Make Thou my pathway plain, teach me Thy way!

Long as my life shall last, teach me Thy way!
Where’er my lot be cast, teach me Thy way!
Until the race is run, until the journey’s done,
Until the crown is won, teach me Thy way! 

The Moment Called “Today.”

Yet you do not know what tomorrow will bring. What is your life?
For you are a mist that appears for a little time and then vanishes.
James 4:14 ESV

In the last few weeks, uncertainty about the coronavirus has caused me to consider the brevity of life. I’ve not been panicking but thinking a bit more seriously about what choices I am making to stay healthy and embrace life. How do I, as a senior citizen, respond to this threat? How does my faith in God affect this scenario?

Do I travel or not? What kind of precautions do I need to take? What does wisdom look like in this situation? What does it mean, in this situation, to live as Jesus said, loving God, loving myself, and loving others?

How do I live in the moment called “today”?

 Yesterday has vanished
 Tomorrow’s not appeared
 The only thing I’m sure about
 Is the moment I call “today".
 It’s early in the morning
 The sun has not yet risen
 As I slowly waken
 I give thanks to God in heaven
 For the fact that I can breathe
 My mind is still alert
 I can stretch my arms and legs
 All my joints still work
 I think about my family
 I think about my friends
 I pray that God will bless them
 With health and success
 I think about my neighbors
 My nation and the world
 I pray that leaders everywhere
 Will seek wisdom from above
 The wisdom that is peaceable
 The wisdom that is just
 It is God’s will, I believe,
 That hostility would cease
 As I wash my eyes and face
 I give thanks for warm water
 And think about the project
 I’m making for my daughter
 How blessed I feel as I recall
 Memories of past years
 I pray my daughter will find joy
 By what she sees and hears
 I know I have a tendency 
 To do things in a hurry
 That’s when I get caught up
 In frustration and worry
 So I will take my time, today,
 Not give in to my desire
 To speedily compose a “song”
 In fear that I’ll expire!
 Age is not determined just
 By chronological years
 It’s related to the relationship
 We have with our Creator
 We are more than chemicals
 Influenced by genetics
 There is a spirit part of us
 Which can’t be detected or measured
 By CAT scans or standardized tests
 It’s invisible but strongly affects
 The way we think, the way we act,
 The way we feel, whether we heal
 Or whether we cave in
 To the opponents of life
 Whether they’re viruses
 Or vices; we all make choices
 To love or to fear,
 To embrace or retreat,
 To save others or just ourselves;
 By these choices we live or we die.
 Yesterday has vanished
 Tomorrow’s not appeared
 What choices will I make 
 In the moment that is HERE?
 Jane Ault