A Vision Adjustment

Last summer, a mama robin built her nest in the gutter which is located underneath the edge of the roof above our large living room picture window. A friend of mine jumped, nearly panicking when she saw this robin flying toward the window. She thought the bird was going to crash against the glass and […]

A Little Bit of Humor

Embracing the writing I’m called to do doesn’t always excite me. Sometimes, I’d just rather play another game of Scrabble with my husband. After years of disinterest in that game, he recently took a liking to it. Now, playing Scrabble is an evening habit for us. He plays to enjoy himself. I play to win. […]

About Grieving

As a counselor, I’ve had, and have, the honor and privilege of listening to others and assisting them as they’ve worked through grief experiences. I believe my ability to do this with compassion is due to the fact that I, myself, have had those who’ve been with me in my grief. I’m particularly thankful for […]

Fall to Winter . . .

I returned, Tuesday, from a trip in which I celebrated a family wedding and, two days later during this same week, received the news of a family death. Joy followed by sorrow. In this life, laughter and tears pursue one another in unknown and unpredictable cycles. Although the week’s October temperatures soared to mid-summer highs, […]