The Awesome Gift of Choice

Do things just happen to you or do you cause things to happen? Do you make your own choices or do you allow others to choose for you? Do you feel as if you are in control your life or do you feel as if your life is out of control? We have the power to […]

Something More Important Than Schedules

  Time management has always been challenging for me. I can’t count the number of times I’ve designed and redesigned schedules. I  don’t stick to any of them very long. A schedule feels like a straight-jacket. A restriction that blocks my creativity.  Yet, I know my time on earth is limited. The Psalmist said, “the […]

What Does “Being Perfect” Mean?

  This week several people told me that when they made mistakes, they were very hard on themselves. They wanted to be perfect and they condemned themselves for failures. To live with someone who expects 100% in everything can be very difficult, especially if that person is yourself.  I know. For years I lived with […]