Sometimes, I Must Stop . . .

  Sometimes, I must stop Or I won’t win the race; When I’m exhausted I must give myself grace— Move away from my work, Sit down in my chair, Look up at the sky, And breathe some fresh air. I can not continually work! God doesn’t call me to that. There were times in his […]

Balancing Structure and Spontaneity

So far, this summer, we’ve had mostly rainy weather. I’m not complaining, though, because winter lasts a long time in the North Country. My husband jokes that we have two seasons–winter and the 4th of July.  I prefer rain to sleet and snow. We had sunshine on July 4th and for most of the following week.  […]

Freedom From the Fear of Aging

A friend, whom I’d known since my teen-age years, recently died. The fact that she was so close to my age made me face that the fact that my mortal body is aging. To be honest, I avoid looking at pictures which show the effects of aging. These pictures stir up fear. I prefer to think that […]

Sometimes I Walk in the Light . . .

  Yesterday, I spent a few hours with a sweet friend of mine. This friend is not highly educated; she is much younger than I am; and by some people she might be considered”disabled.” But I enjoy her company. She’s very creative, emotionally and spiritually sensitive, courageous, and delightfully “real.” She’s also very generous, eager […]