Partnership in Marriage: Making It a “Win” for Both Spouses

In a discussion this week that John and I were having about a FACEBOOK comment, I shared with him a response that I wanted to make. He thought that my comment was insightful but that it would not be appropriate or wise to post it. At first I disagreed with him, but after more thoughtful […]

Appreciating My Body

Every day, especially in the winter time, I enjoy my morning shower. I turn the hot water tap on as far as I can, without burning myself, and feel my muscles relax. As my whole body warms up, I quietly listen for any words that the Holy Spirit might want to say to me. This […]

A Challenge to Grow in Prayer

Three mornings this week, I woke up with the song “Sweet Hour of Prayer” running through my mind. A treasured memory that I have is that of my grandmother playing and singing the words of that old hymn–she could, also, beautifully whistle the tune.   I did not inherit that ability, but I can sing […]

A GPS for 2017

In my busyness the last few months, I’ve not taken time to put papers, receipts, books, cards, and other miscellaneous items in their designated places. This morning, I set out to change that. As I was sorting through the items piled next to my computer, I soon realized that it would take me more than […]