Affirming Our Imperfect Selves

I recently attended a lovely dinner for a group of women in the home of a sweet friend. It was a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. Everyone chose what she wanted from an assortment of fillings—beans, tomatoes, lettuce, olives, cheese, chicken, and onions—to fill a choice of tasty wraps. Chips, salsa, and wonderful desserts completed the […]

What Does Your Favorite Ice Cream Say About You?

Today’s post is written by my friend, Stephanie Miller, who is a Life Coach and a writer. She is a compassionate and caring person–transparent and genuine, eager and able to lead others toward personal and spiritual maturity. There is just something about ice cream that seems to make everything better. Many of my most cherished memories center around ice cream.  ice cream […]

The Moving-Away Part of Bonding

I woke up early this morning because I wanted to say goodbye to my daughter, son-in-law and four grandchildren. Saying “Goodbye” last night would have been okay, but I wanted to give them another hug before they drove away in their minivan. Seeing them drive off reminded me of the following poem, which I wrote […]

The Place of Rest

I wrote the following poem quite a few years ago. I need to read it often, because it’s so easy for me to fall back into my workaholic mode of operation. The Place of Rest When my work becomes so serious I lose sight of who I serve; My flesh becomes so weary I’ve no […]

What is Growing in the Garden of Your Heart?

A few weeks ago while I was observing the phlox that surround my deck, I noticed some tall plants among them that had not yet blossomed. I suspected that they were weeds and wanted to pull them up. My husband said, “Oh, don’t pull them up, they might be flowers.” “No, they are not flowers,” I said. […]