The Candle That Cannot Be Blown Out

Earlier this week, I celebrated another birthday. I had no birthday cake this time; instead, I splurged on a gluten-free chocolate dessert.  However, when I was growing up, cakes were an important part of a birthday celebration. I have a picture of myself sitting in front of a cake on which there is one tiny candle. […]

Two Forms of God’s Amazing Grace

During our breakfast-time, table-talk one morning this week, my husband told me about the following incident. While driving on the highway not far from our home, he saw a small fawn standing in the road in front of him. The animal walked into the road, stood there, and just looked at him. My husband said, […]

Two Images of a Wonderful Marriage

Earlier this week, I posted a picture on Facebook of John and me with this caption: “Walking on the path where we fell in love 50 years ago.”  Among the comments that I received were words such as these: “love, romantic, special, cute, and wonderful.” I appreciated all of the comments, and I love my friends and […]

How God Healed a Broken Marriage

Today’s post is written by my friend, Rosemary Losser. We are both passionate in our desire to teach others 1) how to grow toward emotional and spiritual maturity and 2) how to develop better relationship and peacemaking skills. I invited Rosemary to share her story because, through it, she both illustrates God’s power in prayer and talks […]