Why We Must Affirm Our Self-worth: Part Two

In last week’s post, I said that if we do not recognize our awesomeness (our value and giftedness), we won’t share what we’ve been given with others. We will be too insecure and afraid to open our mouths. In order for us to serve others in true humility (out of fullness instead of emptiness), we […]

Why We Must Affirm Our Self-worth: Part One

“Do you know that I am awesome? That I am amazing?” These were the words Andrea began with, as she addressed the children who’d gathered at the front of the church to hear their sermon at New Hope Community Church, a few weeks ago. “Do you know why I am awesome?” she continued . . […]

How Can We Not Be Afraid?

During breakfast this morning, John shared with me the insights that he gained in his middle-of-the-night meditation on Scripture, and we reflected on them.  Our discussion centered on the words of Jesus from the Gospel of John—“Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. […]