Reflections Following a Christmas Eve Candlelight Service

Last night I attended a Christmas Eve service. It was filled with music and light. The quietness of the wiggling, three-month-old representation of Jesus who sat on his mother’s lap (she, of course, was dressed as Mary) amazed me. The sincerity of young children, who carried candles and explained their meanings—peace, joy and hope—warmed my […]

Peace in a World of Violence and Death

Last week, I attended a friend’s memorial service; tomorrow I will attend a similar service for another friend. This morning I read a Washington Post article titled, “Guns vs. Autos: How Americans Die” and learned that for the first time in over sixty years, more people are dying from gunshot wounds than from automobile accidents. […]

Joyce’s Gift

Earlier this week, I attended a memorial service for a dear fiend—Joyce Miller. During the service, one of the pastors read the familiar Twenty-third Psalm. While the entire psalm is beautiful, the phrase that I found most comfort in was this one: “He restores my soul.” This year, I’ve increasingly realized that what counts in […]

Reflections on Christmas Lemons

Yesterday, my mail carrier drove up my long driveway, knocked on my door, smiled, and handed me a large package. Inside that “Priority Mail” marked package, I found a gold-colored Christmas box that contained a very special gift—lemons! What makes this gift of lemons so special to me? Several things: They are tree-ripened, picked by […]