How Writing Can Heal Us

In the busyness and noise of life, it’s easy to become unaware of our inner thoughts and feelings;  a result of this disconnect is a loss of integrity. We don’t follow through on a commitment yet are clueless of the cause; we block out feelings of anger, fear, discouragement, anxiety, and guilt and have no idea why we are depressed. In […]

Give Yourself a Gift of Margin

I feel encouraged by those of you who told me that you’ve joined my “Early New Year’s Day Challenge”—thanks! It’s not too late to join; for the details, go here. I hope that you wrote out your red-light STOP list of energy-depleting activities and your green-light GO list of energy-renewing activities, and the made appropriate changes on […]

An Early New Year’s Day Challenge

Although I’m very excited about publishing my book, Emotional Freedom, I admit that I’m tired. I need to slow down. But how can I do that? October is already half over and the busiest season of the year is just beginning. It’s the time when I usually gear up for end-of- the-year celebrations. And how […]

Unfinished Tasks and Success: Are They Connected?

Like most Christians whom I know, I want to finish the race of life and hear my Lord say, “Well done!” Finishing well means finishing every task that we begin, doesn’t it? If you grew up like I did with the instruction, “You shouldn’t start something that you can’t finish,” then there might be guilt […]

Wholehearted Living and Imperfection

Whatever you are doing, do it with all your heart—those were the words of the melody that started playing in my mind when I sat down at my computer to write this post. At first that little melody annoyed me; I did not feel excited and happy about the day—just grumpy and tired. But wholehearted […]