Something Better Than an Adrenaline Surge

One morning this week, as I was racing up the stairs in my home, I said to my husband, “When my aging body has this much energy I know that it’s from God! It’s not due to caffeine or adrenaline–flowing from anxiety or anger. There’s a difference between a caffeine induced high, an adrenaline surge, and Holy […]

A Preview of My New Book

I’m excited to announce that my new book, Emotional Freedom: The Choices We Must Make, has been approved for printing. It will be available in 2 or 3 weeks. This post contains content from Chapter 7 “A Dynamic Dance with the Gardener.” The Dance Jesus does not compel us to obey him. He does empower us to overcome evil and destructive […]

Transparency and Respect in an Unsafe World

Arriving at my door at the end of an enjoyable walk this morning, I took a house key out of my pocket and tried to stick it into the doorknob keyhole. I could not get it in. After several attempts I gave up. Because it was a replacement key, made by duplicating the original, I […]

What Is in Your Line of Vision?

When we planted tomatoes in our garden this spring, my husband placed one of them in a large pot and placed it on the deck that we can walk onto from our dining area. He said,”This will make it easy for you to pick a tomato; you can have one whenever you want it–without going into […]